The Shri Ram School has recently set up the Alumni Office at School to reconnect and engage with the TSRS Alumni Community.

Q- What is the Alumni Office?
A– The Alumni Office is a long-term initiative by TSRS to help connect with its alumni better. This office shall keep a track of all the Alumni of the school and regularly communicate with them and help them engage back with their alma mater.

Q- Whyis the Alumni Office setup at The Shri Ram School?
A- The school is taking the onus of setting up a full time Alumni Office in School. The school takes pride in the achievements and impact of its Alumni network and wants to inspire the current and future generations of Alumni to do the same.
This office has been set up to engage with the Alumni Community in a more organized fashion and strengthen the TSRS network.

Q- How does the office work?
A- Our work begins with gathering updated data of our Alumni, contact details and preferences of the alumni. This data shall then help us to regularly communicate with the Alumni and keep them updated about the latest happenings in school and the Alumni Network. The Alumni office will also manage various engagement programs and events with support from alumni.

Q- Who is a part of this office? Who runs the Office?

A-The office has a full-time Alumni Relations Officer – Ms.Vaishali Sharma. There is a Faculty team led by Mrs. Sapna Dimri to oversee the functioning and objectives of the Alumni Office. Soon, an Alumni Board will be setup to guide and work with the Alumni Office.

Q-How and when can I contact the Alumni Office for any questions/queries?

  • You can write to us at any time at aravali@tsrs.org for Aravali Campus and mailto:alumni.moulsari@tsrs.organd we shall get back to you soon. Also, you can call The Shri Ram School and ask to be connected to the Alumni Office anytime between8:00 AM to 2:00 PM, Monday to Friday.

Q- For what all can I contact the Alumni Office?

  • School Information (Latest News/Official school work/Faculty/Alumni Networking)
  • Participate in Alumni programs (Mentorship, Alumni Talks, Apprenticeship, Sports)
  • Seek School’s Support professionally
  • Offer services or support to the School

Q-What is the role of an Alumni Board?
A- The Alumni board will be responsible for the following :

  1. Adopt the Vision and Mission Statement of the Alumni Office and hold true to its core values of excellence, lifelong relationships, lifelong learning, inclusiveness and diversity.
  2. Participate actively in strategic and long term planning to promote Alumni awareness, engagement and commitment to the School.
  3. Enthusiastically communicate the mission and purpose of the Alumni Office to the wider alumni population.
  4. Define key focus areas of the Alumni Office on a periodic basis.
  5. Review/Modify the list of events and engagement activities being undertaken by the Alumni Office in each coming quarter.
  6. Review and ensure accountability for the Alumni Office activities that have taken place and give feedback for the same.
  7. Encourage highly qualified and diverse prospective students to attend TSRS School
  8. Help reach out to the Alumni Community at large.
  9. Recognize fellow alumni who are distinguished by their loyalty, professional achievement and community and service
  10. Support the School through initiating scholarships/fundraising Campaigns and encourage other alumni to do the same.

 Q- Will there be two different boards for both the Campuses?
A.- No, there will be only one board for the Alumni Office. However there will be equal representation from both the Aravali and Moulsari campuses.

Q- What are the time commitments that will be required?
A.- The board members will have to meet once in every month. However, the number of meetings will differ in accordance to the ongoing projects of the Alumni Office

Q-How will the board members be selected?
A-After the letter of intent is received, the letters would be read and a telephonic/physical interview would be conducted by the faculty team of the alumni office. The final selection of the first Alumni Board would be made on the basis of the parameters. For any information regarding the Alumni Board, please feel free to write to us.

Q-What are the parameters of selection of the first Alumni Board?

A- The parameters are as follows :-

  • The board should have equal representation of alumni spread across all batches for the sake of inclusiveness and diversity.
  • The board shall have people from as many diverse professional backgrounds as possible.
  • The board members should be able to give in a minimum number of hours as a commitment to the school by virtue of being a member of the Board
  • The Board member should be well connected to fellow Alumni

Please note, our intention is not to promote a sense of competition among alumni for becoming members of the Alumni Board. We will look at the above parameters and pick the best combination of alumni to come together as the Alumni Board. Over years, most alumni who would like to contribute towards strengthening the TSRS alumni network will get an opportunity to apply for the Alumni Board.

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