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Our Alumni are spread all over the world and are doing wonders in their respective fields. In this section, we will showcase what our alumni are doing and how did The Shri Ram School play an important role in shaping them as individuals.

Sumant Srivastava (Batch of 2000)

IntroductionSumant Srivastava

My name is Sumant and I graduated from the Shri Ram School in the year 2000. I’m a lawyer by profession and when I’m not being a lawyer, a husband, a father, or a son, I fancy myself being a tech aficionado and an art student.

Share an anecdote of school which made a lasting impression.

From an anecdotal perspective which had a lasting impression on me, I want to bring up and remind everyone of the ‘Camel Rider Incident’. We were on a outstation school trip once and our class was requested to conceive and perform a play with a social message. Through some strange inconceivable arrangement of events I was tasked with playing the camel rider (I’m sure it was an integral role at the time. Lol). My performance that day was so legendary or so ridiculous that even today there are numerous panel discussions, meetings, conferences and drinking sessions where it is regularly brought up. And to my part amusement and part dismay, is likely to remain with me throughout my life.

Any core value that you feel you learnt in school has helped you reach the place you are at today.

It’s funny how unbeknown to us, certain parts of our lives become our identity. Being from the Shri Ram School certainly became an integral part of my identity. Our school was always big on alternate career streams and the freedom to explore the unbeaten path was highly encouraged. The value of those teachings in my life are immeasurable.

Your happiest..fun..moments in school were spent at…?

SPIC MACAY, period.

Btw it stands for – Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth !

Would you like to say a few lines to your fellow alumni to urge them to be an active part of this alumni movement?

Wow. You got reading till question 5. This is serious so I’m going to be serious.

I believe that the alumni are a quintessential part of a school’s heritage and an integral driver of its future growth. As alumni we shoulder the responsibility of enhancing the image and ethos of a school. Furthermore, in my view, the alumni have the ability to establish traditions which when followed, invoke a sense of pride in its students. Be a part of this movement. Give back to your school.


Ravjeet Singh (Batch of 2005)


Hi all, I’m Ravjeet singh from the batch of 2005. Got my calling to be an actor pretty late.  Loving every second of this amazing journey called life. Believe in living in the moment and making every day count. A major fitness enthusiast and an adventure seeker.

Share an anecdote of school which made a lasting impression

I can clearly remember the expression on everyone’s faces when it was some students birthday and they’ll get there handful of coffee bite or foxs. The sheer joy of sharing the smallest of things and celebrating each other was amazing. All seems to have taken a backseat now, times have changed and so have situations. But i urge everyone to share their happiness with one another. Even if you’re sad, don’t suppress your feelings, confide in someone. One cannot live life alone, life is complicated and more stressful now. Always, always, always have your loved ones around.

Any core value that you feel you learnt in school has helped you reach the place you are at today-

I feel the wisest initiative has been the school exchange programs for the students. As human beings we live in our own small world where we think what is right or wrong, but its when you travel and meet people from different places and ethnicities is when one gets a broader vision about the world out there. Everything what we believe may not always be right. I was a really shy kid while growing up so my exchange program was a big slap on my face and a major reality check on what i was getting into post my schooling was done. In a way it prepared me to face life head on and look at the bigger picture.

Your happiest..fun..moments in school were spent at…?

I really used to look forward to the basketball practices in the early hours of the morning before school started, those bonds on the court have turned into lifetime friendships. The time spent between classes around the water taps doing absolutely nothing and chilling on the ramps was an absolute delight! Plus the pleasure of spending 10 bucks on a chocolate tart before catching the bus back home cannot be forgotten. (Ps-clearly studying was not my thing)

Would you like to say a few lines to your fellow alumni to urge them to be an active part of this alumni movement?

Till date the closest friends I have are from school. It’s really funny how i can still recognise a person from Shri ram in one glance. There’s a reason Shri Ram is ranked the no.1 school in India a few times, so there’s no reason why we shouldn’t have a strong alumni. A small get together once a year to relive those moments, to see those familiar faces, to laugh with or at one another would be great! 


Karuna Ezara Parikh (Batch of 2002)

Introduction Karuna

My name is Karuna Ezara Parikh and I was a TSRS kid from Pravesh Vatika all the way to graduation in 2002. I was one of the original “hut” or “tent” kids and I saw the DLF campus come up. I studied Humanities. Today I’m a writer and TV anchor.

Share an anecdote of school which made a lasting impression

Ahh there are so many! I remember as a kid I just didn’t want to go to school. I didn’t like the idea at all. Then one day Manika Sharma ma’am, who was my class teacher at the time, taught me how if I put a scissor on a paper and draw an outline, I could make a stencil that I could then paint as an elephant’s face. After that I thought school was magic!

Any core value that you feel you learnt in school has helped you reach the place you are at today.

It’s always better to tell the truth and get flak for it than lie. We argued and fought with our teachers, got caught and hauled up, but they always respected the truth.

Your happiest..fun..moments in school were spent at…?

Behind cluster B and in the corridors of senior school. We would go lie in the grass and play guitar, or find a breezy spot and sing songs. I would say those are some of the happiest memories of my life.

Would you like to say a few lines to your fellow alumni to urge them to be an active part of this alumni movement?

As I grow older, I find the connections with my last invaluable. The same people I once fought with I now laugh with. We have a shared history and spent every day of our lives together for 14 years. What greater bond can there be amongst friends? It’s more than friendship. It’s a family 🙂

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