• Ujjwal Sharma is the artist of class 11 A . His fascination and eye for detail sets him apart both as an individual and as an artist . Ujjwal is fascinated with generators and coolers . His recent paintings were sold at an organization called ‘Action for Autism ‘ . Action for autism is  the pioneering, national and non-profit autism society of India. They provide support and services to persons with autism and those who work with them in South Asia. Ujjwal for the same has received a check for Rs 1150 .
  • Radhika Mehra of the batch of 2012 has received a full scholarship from NTID, Rochester Institute of Technology, where she will be pursuing a Bachelor’s in Graphic Designing from the college of Arts and Sciences. This is even more remarkable, considering the fact that Radhika, who is both hearing and speech impaired and, who lost her father last year, has battled all these challenges and emerged even stronger. She is a Domestic Scholar with tGELF (Khemka- for the uninitiated) and currently studying at the Sushant School of Design. A gifted artist, she has held exhibitions in Delhi and the NCR and this opportunity is just the springboard she needed.
  •  TSRS Moulsari won Shri Debate 2013 in a closely fought debate against Mother’s International School. The team consisted of Ankita Niyogi, Shyon Ray Chaudhury and Devika Rae Chandra.
  • The TSRS Moulsari band composed of Aman Venkateswaran, Mrinal Kanwar, Siddhant Dayal, Zubin Mitra, Ameeq Singh and Raghav Mathur made their presence felt at the Music Festival ‘Voices’ at DPS, R K Puram, with:
    • Best Vocalist – Zubin
    • 2nd Best Band
    • 3rd in the duet category – Aman and Zubin
    • Special mention for Raghav Mathur – Drums
  • At ‘Crescendo’ – 2013, an event organised by Amity School, Mayur Vihar, the Moulsari band (Aman,, Mrinal, Siddhant, Zubin, Ameeq and Raghav) once again excelled:
    • Best vocalist of the competition – Zubin
    • 2nd in solo category – Zubin
    • 2nd in band category

TSRS Moulsari at Gurgaon District Meet


Bhavya S Sethi – Shot Put, 1st Place
Bhavya S Sethi – High Jump, 2nd Place

Vihaan Krishna Moorthy – Shot Put, 2nd Place
Vihaan Krishna Moorthy – Discuss, 2nd Place

Advait Jasoria – Long Jump, 1st Place


The TSRS Moulsari Under 14 Soccer team was declared joint winners along with Heritage School at the District Soccer Competition


1.Vinati Bathla –

  • 800mts free style = 1st
  • 400mts free style = 1st
  • 200mts IM = 2nd

2.Varun Shriram –

  • 100mts breaststroke = 3rd
  • 50mts breaststroke = 3rd

3.Aditya Mehta –

  • 100mts butterfly stroke = 2nd
  • 50mts butterfly stroke = 2nd

4.Tara Shriram –

  • 200mts free style = 1st

5.Vaanishri Gandhi –

  • 200mts free style = 3rd
  • 100mts free style = 3rd
  • 50mts back stroke = 2nd

6.Aditya Jain –

  • 100mts breaststroke = 1st
  • 50mts breaststroke = 2nd

7.Anubhav Joshi –

  • 100mts breaststroke = 2nd
  • 50mts breaststroke = 1st

8.Zoya Singh –

  • 50mts breaststroke = 3rd
  • 50mts butterfly stroke = 2nd

9.Milind Sharma –

  • 50mts butterfly stroke =2nd

10.Trisha Bhayana –

  • 200mts breaststroke = 1st
  • 100mts breaststroke = 1st
  • 50mts breaststroke = 1st

11.Kabir Bathla –

  • 400mts IM = 1st
  • 200mts butterfly stroke = 2nd

12.Shrivats Agarwal –

  • 100mts free style = 1st
  • 50mts free style = 1st
  • 50mts butterfly = 2nd.


The TSRS Moulsari Girls Basketball Teams in the Under 19 and the Under 17 categories have both won the District Basketball Championships!

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