The Shri Ram School

Cambridge at TSRS

The Shri Ram School Moulsari is a Cambridge International School and offers the programme for grades 6-10. Our programme provides a flexible, balanced and stimulating curriculum, encouraging students to develop their creativity and expression while becoming lifelong learners who actively engage with the world around them and become well-rounded individuals.
The globally-recognised Cambridge curriculum is renowned for its academic rigour and emphasis on critical thinking skills. The core values of TSRS perfectly complement the aims of the Cambridge programme, nurturing learners who are innovative, engaged, confident, responsible and reflective. At TSRS, Moulsari, the Cambridge programme provides students with inquiry and problem-based learning and a variety of subjects to choose from to suit their developing interests and needs. It builds a strong foundation to equip students for further learning. 
At TSRS, the Cambridge programme is offered at the Lower Secondary level (classes 6-8) and IGCSE level (classes 9 and 10).
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