The Shri Ram School

Environment Initiatives

As a pioneer in the field of Environment Education, The Shri Ram School is committed to being an environment-friendly institution. With Environment Consciousness being an integral part of the curriculum, the school proudly enforces a No Foil and No Polybag Zone, exemplifying its dedication to sustainable practices.  

By inculcating a love for nature and instilling an appreciation for our planet’s rich heritage that we are privileged to inherit as inhabitants, the school cultivates a profound understanding of the environmental impact of our actions. Through this process, our children develop a sense of responsibility towards the environment, both in the immediate and broader contexts. 

Young Shri Ramites put words into action, consciously conserving and reducing wastage of resources like electricity, water and food. They lead the way in celebrating festivals in an eco-friendly manner, having pioneered the ‘Say No To Crackers’ movement. Some of our impactful initiatives in spreading awareness in the community are through nukkad nataks and silent marches and commemorating important occasions like Earth Day, International Tigers’ Day, and Wildlife Week through creative art and craft activities.
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