The Shri Ram School

ICSE Programme

ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) at a glance

Exploratory Curriculum – Choices with chances
● Allowance with alliance
● Experimentation with options.

Content to concept

● Flexibility to interface with multiple disciplines
● Organised and investigative framework. 

Research based projects

● Spontaneity and creativity.

Wellness and growth

● Transition from Blooms to Maslow.
● Spontaneity and creativity.

Subjects offered in various combinations by the Council.

Group I – English/Hindi /French/Spanish/Sanskrit/History &
Group II – Science (Physics/Chemistry/Biology)/Environmental
Science/Economics/Mathematics/Commercial Studies
Group III –We offer a basket of subjects which the student can choose
based on their interest and aptitude.
Economic Applications/Commercial Applications/Computer
Applications/Environmental Applications/Mass Media and
Communications/Technical Drawing Applications/Hindustani Music/Indian
Dance/Drama/Cookery/Physical Education/Home Science

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