The Shri Ram School

Performing & Visual Art

At The Shri Ram School, a curriculum detailed to the finest points is in place for The Performing and Visual Arts. 

The Performing Arts curriculum encompassing Indian and Contemporary Dance, Music as well as Theatre, has been thoughtfully designed with a vision of enabling and encouraging our students to engage in the creative, expressive and responsive processes of the arts throughout their lives. It aims to provide students with a strong foundation in the realm of cultural heritage, knowledge, and technical skills of various art forms. 

Through diverse dance styles from around the world, students develop coordination, cooperation, body balancing, body awareness and self-confidence. Exploring world theatre traditions, including Nukkad Naatak, Brechtian theatre and musicals, students enhance their creative thinking, public speaking, story-telling and emotional navigation skills. Additionally, our programme delves into the world of melody and rhythm, exposing students to a plethora of music genres, music theory, sight reading, vocal training and instrument learning. This holistic approach ensures that children at TSRS gain a profound understanding and lifelong connection to the performing arts, whether as artists or passionate enthusiasts. 

Exposure to the performing arts programme at The Shri Ram School provides children with a platform to express themselves creatively. All the hard work behind the training and mentoring sessions culminates in annual stage productions, termed as ‘Form Mornings’, where children have an opportunity to shine and showcase their talents in all disciplines of art. 

At the core of our Visual Arts programmeme lies the belief that every child is an artist with limitless potential. The curriculum is meticulously designed to ignite the artistic spark within each child, fostering a deep appreciation for the visual arts and nurturing their creative potential. The curriculum not only focuses on the technical aspects of art but also encourages critical thinking, problem-solving and self-reflection. This holistic process fosters creativity, enhances communication skills and cultivates an appreciation for aesthetics and cultural diversity. Engaging in a wide range of activities, hands-on projects and collaborative work, enables the students to learn to embrace teamwork, develop their social skills, and gain a sense of accomplishment through the creative process. 

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